A Journal about Our Journey

Ms. Orange and Mr. BigPear love almost everything with each other’s company. However, time passes quicker when it is more interesting. As greedy mortals, we treasure our memory and lives together. So be this journal. Hopefully, it is easier to make an exciting life feel long than to make a boring one feel rich.

The blog is mainly about the trivial trifles of our humble life. Humble as we may be, we make a happy couple, and want to make people happy.  If stuff feels funny or interesting, we will share, as well as nice pictures and how-to’s about cooking and food :).

Ms. Orange (“Juzi” in mandarin Chinese) LOVEs small talking, especially those that lack logical articulation and demand short attention span. On the other hand, Mr. BigPear (“Dali”) embraces peace and order. So, you may not be surprised if being told our pen names are inspired by the this video.